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About Covrtdesign

Why did you spell COVRT incorrectly? 

It is spelled that way on purpose.  Ryan Grew up in Vermont, thus the VRT, and currently lives in Colorado, thus the CO.  Put them together and you get COVRT.


Ryan Cathrall has been doing custom graphic design work for over 15 years now professionally and around 8 years total.  

Design work started during the United States Air Force career being self taught with simple work such as name decals, and small decal work for F16 fighter aircraft.  While racing downhill mountain biking professionally, Ryan used his design skills and a new decal business to make custom bicycle decals and designs for the cycling industry.

After his racing career ended, Ryan still wanted to stay in the cycling industry, and he noticed a hole in the custom cycling kit design market.  Large named companies were offering custom services, but most looked the same with block mono colors, and no real art or eye catching design aspects to the kit design.  

Giving the option to have a cycling kit design that you would be very proud to ride in, a design that catches the eyes of both spectators and racers alike, and really building and growing your brand image was something that really intrigued Ryan, and it is something that he wanted to give every potential client.


At over 35 clients and counting, all extremely happy with their design work, and almost all of the clients returning the next season for new design work, Ryan has really carved a niche in the market, and he looks forward to becoming a bigger name in the custom cycling world as well as branch out to other aspects of design.

Ryan is extremely fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite, especially with Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.  Ryan is extremely proficient in the use of Mac and Windows OS, Microsoft office products, Wacom products, etc.


Ryan is well versed in Pantone color systems and has had extensive use in multiple printing and manufacturing mediums to include fabrics, posters, clothing, hats, embroidery, etc.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.  I currently offer services for custom cycling kit design, vehicle wrap design, soft-goods and stickers design and production, website design, and more.  


USAF disabled veteran owned.


Denver, CO based

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