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Mockingbird Farm Sactuary

2022 has been a rebuilding year after Covid hit hard for COVRTDESIGN, but what a year it has turned out to be.

Jonell Chudyk, Executive Director and Founder of Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary in Upstate New York, has been an incredible friend since we first met at U.S. Air Force technical school in Wichita Falls, Texas way back in 2002.  Cut to 2022 and she has built an incredible animal sanctuary with over 60 residents at the facility, and more showing up everyday for the love, affection, attention, and care that they are well known for.

When I had the opportunity to offer my skillsets to make a better visual appeal, re-branding effort, and clothing line for her, I jumped on it and it has been a dream come true!

Currently, COVRTDESIGN has done a full branding re-design from a new website, to all new merchandise that is printed in house here at COVRTDESIGN Labs, new event branding, and new advertisements for the upcoming Fall at the Farm Festival in October 2022, (more on her website events page) to the Vegfest events, and more.

If you are looking for a re-brand of your brand or to update some merchandise to help fund you passion and projects, COVRTDESIGN is here and ready to help!

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